Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue at Moore Theatre

Golden Girls: The Laughs ContinueMiami’s sassiest seniors are coming back for another night of unending laughter! The Golden Girls are back and the laughs continue as they embark in an all new show. It’s 2023 and we find Sophia out on bail after getting busted by the DEA for running a drug operation targeting pensioners. Blanche and Rose have founded CreakN, a dating app for the seniors because dating never ends. And Dorothy is just trying to hold everything together, with help from her much younger lover, of course.

Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue allows audiences to rediscover the sincere humor of the four women who never stopped being the best of friends. Presented to you by Murray & Peter, the production will have a 5-day run at The Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington from December 6th to 10th, 2023. Purchase your tickets to any of the shows today and prepare to have the best night of your lives!

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“This production makes for a FABULOUS NIGHT OUT, so gather your girlfriends and get your tickets!” – DC Theatre

“…as comforting as a big slice of cheesecake served up with a healthy dollup of laughs!” – BroadwayWorld

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Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue is a live professional performance unlike any other Golden Girls tributes you have ever seen. Robert Leleux, the author of The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy and The Living End, wrote the drama. His plays have been performed all throughout the nation, and his work has also been featured in The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine. The production is directed by Eric Swanson who served as both the organization’s executive director and co-founder of The Detroit Actors’ Theatre Company. The cast also includes Jason Bowen as Stanley/Troy, Adam Graber as Rose, Christopher Kamm as Sophia, and Ryan Bernier as Dorothy. Vince Kelley plays Blanche. Presented by Murray & Peter, it’s certain that this tribute to Golden Girls is one that you will never forget.

Murray & Peter is a power-duo and the power behind the biggest drag tours and shows all over the world. They are the production behind some of the well-loved shows such as “A Drag Queen Christmas” and “Jimbo’s Drag Circus.”

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“‘The Golden Girls’ transcends multiple generations, so we wanted to write a fresh, new storyline,” director Eric Swanson told WTOP. “This is not a parody, this is not making fun of the existing show. Our goal is to have the superfans and new fans come into the audience and feel like they have their favorite Golden Girls back in a brand new storyline.”

Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue “remains true to the tropes and dynamics of the original show,” according to Kelley (Blanche), who adds that the story unfolds in two acts, like “a very special two-part episode.” The first act ends in “a little bit of a cliffhanger,” and the second act picks up after intermission, when time shifts to the following morning in Shady Pines.

This on-stage episode’s premise is absurd, yet it isn’t that far off from the original source material. Sophia (Christopher Kamm) will stand trial for peddling drugs to her fellow AARP members while she is on house arrest. The Jitterbug of senior dating applications, CreakN, was developed by Blanche (Vince Kelley) and Rose (Adam Graber), and it has achieved some degree of financial success. Ryan Bernier, who plays Dorothy and serves as the cast’s lynchpin, expertly imitates Bea Arthur, a true high point of the entire production.

Both the prospective imprisonment of Dorothy’s mother and her ongoing dating difficulties are causing her stress. Rose and Blanche’s simple response to Dorothy’s problems is to make a fictitious CreakN profile that features a lengthy, seductive, albeit elderly, photoshoot. Blanche’s attempt to keep up with the younger generation was clear in her discourse, which Kelley delivered in the same belovedly iconic and cringe-worthy way as in the first season. The audience applauded and laughed a lot when they realized how committed Kamm was to portraying Sophia’s mannerisms and dialogue flow.

Graber turns the show into a master class on Betty White mannerisms, which could be seen in even the most basic behaviors like sitting down, turning heads, or crossing legs. It cannot be overstated how well Bernier can mimic Bea Arthur’s gravelly voice and sluggish demeanors; it nearly feels like deep-fake magic on stage. Finally, Jason Bowen stumbles in as Stanley, Dorothy’s ex-husband, while also playing Burt Reynold), Dorothy’s new suave and attractive love interest.

“a celebration of friendship with a few spicey, and quirky jokes thrown in!” – BroadwayWorld

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The majority of us can agree that there is nothing better than a comedy production centered around men in drag. Add that to the iconic humor of the classic sitcom “Golden Girls,” Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue is a stage production unlike any other. “I think as gay men putting on dresses and wigs, we are given the carte blanche ability to say some of these jokes, get a little crass, and all that kind of stuff,” Kelley says. “But by no means is this a gay show. It’s gay in the fact that it’s [gay] men in dresses wearing wigs and makeup, delivering the best zingers from an iconic LGBTQ show.”

This is your chance to witness the best Drag production of the season presented to you by Pete & Murray! Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue will be live at the The Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington from Wednesday, December 6th to Sunday, December 10th, 2023. The shows will start at 7:30 pm on Wednesday to Saturday (door closes at 6:30 pm). Meanwhile the earlier Saturday show and Sunday’s only & final show will begin at 2 pm (door closes at 1 pm).

Purchase your tickets right now and get ready to have the night of your life as you reminisce on the 80s sitcom, brought to you in drag form!