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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Wheel Of Fortune

Are you ready to play Wheel of Fortune? The show that came to the homes of millions of Americans through their TVs over the years is back on tour. This year, Wheel of Fortune Live is making a stop at the Moore Theater in Seattle on Thursday the 17th of October 2024. Don’t think that this is a taped show where you’ll be seeing Ryan Seacrest and some of the celebs that he’ll be trotting out on stage in the newest season of the TV show. This is a live show where you, as part of the audience, can get picked to play on stage and potentially win big prizes.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and live out the experience, then you need to head to the Moore Theater on Thursday, October 17th. Click the get tickets button today! If you win some prizes that night, it might be the best investment you make all year.

No Seacrest and no celebs … right? Well, that’s half true. Mark L. Walberg from Temptation Island and/or former Wheel of Fortune TV host Bob Goen will be hosting the show for the night. The entire experience, though, tends to start before you even enter the theater. In many locations, this Live Tour sets up memorabilia from the TV show and other elements from the past in the lobbies of these venues. This is a way to get you in the mood to spin the wheel. Once you’re inside the theater and the show starts, you’re going to have a chance to be one of the people randomly picked from the audience to go up on stage and play. They set up multiple groups of three that compete. This setup gives you a better chance of actually making it onto the stage.

Now, to the good stuff! Contestants are going to have a chance to win trips to Paris and Hawaii or BIG MONEY up to $10,000 in cash. There are also different prizes for members of the audience that don’t get picked to play on stage. From your seat, you could also have a chance to solve one of the show’s signature puzzles. If successful, that’s going to ensure you go home with more money than when you left. There’s also a special prize for someone in the audience, who will randomly be able to win the same amount of money as the bonus round contestant makes. Expect some surprises and tense moments to take place at this event! Are you ready to play?

Does where you sit within the Moore Theater on this Thursday night influence your chances of getting up on stage or winning a prize? The answer is yes because there are random prize winners that will be announced by seat number! Of course, the problem with that is no one knows which numbers those are. This just adds another layer to the game, though, that you may very well begin playing as you buy your tickets. If you’re keen on heading to the Moore Theater in Seattle on Thursday, October 17th, click the get tickets button. Hopefully, you’ll pick a winning seat and get a chance to play for some big prizes!

Wheel Of Fortune at Moore Theatre - WA

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