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Tim Minchin

Do we want to go to a comedy or concert night next? That may be the debate that you’re having at home or with your friends at the moment. If you can’t decide what type of event you want to go see next in the Pacific Northwest, Tim Minchin and his piano may just have the solution to your dilemma. The Australian singer/comedian is taking his Unfunny Evening with Tim Minchin tour to the Moore Theater on Wednesday, the 7th of August 2024.

This show promises to bring you a little bit of everything! Minchin does a little bit of comedy; he sings songs and even gives life advice. He’s so good at the last bit; he’s been the keynote speaker at multiple college graduations over the years. Click the get tickets button now to be at the Moore Theater on this weeknight in August. Once you’re there, prepare for anything and everything. Tim Minchin is a true renaissance man, and he’s going to prove it in Seattle.

The uninitiated usually question what they’re going to see when Tim Minchin walks out on stage. Is this supposed to be a comedy show? A lot of times, ticketing companies label it as a comedy show. If you pay attention to Minchin himself, though, he considers music to be his priority in a sense. His career path would certainly prove that! He got his start in the theater scene. The man was Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, which is ironic when you think about how the rest of his career unfolded. On this Wednesday night at the Moore Theater, you can expect to hear plenty of new music for him. In fact, he wrote the song for the Netflix show “Eric” with Benedict Cumberbatch. You can expect that song to be on the setlist on this night.

When does the comedy come in? In a way his shows are very similar to what you expect from other performers. There’s a bit of an intro to some of the songs. In “regular” shows, the artist will talk about how they came up with the lyrics or whatever. With Tim Minchin some of these intros to the songs are longer, and he’ll sprinkle some comedy and some conventional wisdom. This makes for a very lighthearted show across the board. One of the best things about Tim Minchin is that he gets up there on stage, and whether he’s singing or he’s talking, he’s being himself. There won't be forced laughs on this night! In fact if the comedy for whatever reason, isn’t hitting the right spots, he’ll stick to the music.

The Moore Theater is a venue that fits these types of shows perfectly. On top of that, Wednesday is a good day to come out with your partner, have a few laughs, and maybe a few drinks. The music will get upbeat and you may be tempted to get up and dance. As mentioned, though, what usually permeates is that chill vibe that Tim Minchin brings to the stage. Knowing this it may be best to have a padded seat on this night, regardless of where within the Moore Theater that happens to be! Click the get tickets button now if you want to be close to the stage on this early August weekday.

Tim Minchin at Moore Theatre - WA

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