The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers at Moore Theatre

The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers Tickets

Moore Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Do you love true crime mysteries? If the answer is yes, then you should check out The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers this winter! The groundbreaking podcast is going live and hitting the road this 2023 with a limited 11-date run! On Thursday, 9th February 2023, The Deck is conquering the Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington! Show host Ashley Flowers has prepared a 90-minute true-crime presentation that involves a long-standing unsolved case that has haunted the authorities and citizens. This event will deliver family accounts, revealing stories and never-heard-before information from investigators! If you like to immerse yourself in true crime, you should definitely see The Deck Investigates at the Moore Theatre! Score your tickets now and prepare to have your jaws dropped!

The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers at Moore Theatre

Did you know that many state prisons in the U.S. have replaced the faces of the deck of cards? Instead of the traditional design, the faces now contain photos of missing or murdered victims. These cards are distributed to inmates in hopes that someone may recognize the victim and have some information that can help investigators. The Deck Investigates is a new podcast that reveals stories behind some of these faces. Investigators and family members have provided data. These stories are shared hoping that one day a new clue will come to light and justice can finally be served.

The Deck Investigates host Ashley Flowers is a true-crime junkie. She is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning independent media and podcast production company, Audiochuck. Flowers has also authored the New York Times Bestselling fiction thriller, All Good People Here. Throughout her brand new podcast, she has discussed several cold cases like the abduction and murder of Maggie Long in Colorado, the disappearance of Catherine Sjoberg in Wisconsin, and Donna Ingersoll in Minnesota. These are just some of the many topics that Flowers have brought to the show. The Deck Investigates’ live shows will also present new material and new cases. The 90-minute show will have the same format as the podcast and explore a cold case that has stirred investigators.

Delved into the world of mystery and crime when you check out The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers at the Moore Theatre this winter! Tickets are now available!

The Deck Investigates with Ashley Flowers at Moore Theatre

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