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Phil Rosenthal

He’s currently one of the biggest TV executive producers around, but most know him as the hungry traveler from Somebody Feed Phil! The illustrious Phil Rosenthal is bringing his audiences on a live entertainment trip by delivering a slew of shows across the U.S.! If you’re wondering what a famous TV personality would be doing on stage, Rosenthal is anticipated to do a humorous but informative discussion between him and a surprise guest! See Rosenthal share unique experiences as he brings his food and travel exploits centerstage! Lucky fans in Seattle, Washington, will get to share Rosenthal’s insights as the famed TV producer makes his way into town! Experience a spectacular evening with Phil Rosenthal as he lights up the Moore Theatre! The show on Friday, 17th May 2024, is guaranteed to be an entertaining evening filled with humor, insights, some behind-the-scenes trivia, and more! Hurry and secure your passes now for this incredibly unique spectacle!

Who doesn’t love to travel and eat? This is probably one of life’s most thrilling pursuits, and the esteemed Phil Rosenthal, the man responsible for the hit series Everybody Loves Raymond, has taken his passion for food and traveling and turned them into spectacular entertainment. The man, whose incredible work has resulted in various excellent TV projects, has become the star himself as he brings viewers on a gastronomic trip across the world. The Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil is not your ordinary travel show – it’s a highly entertaining program that brings audiences to Saigon, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Bangkok, Marrakesh, and more. With his incredible wit, a knack for adventure, and readiness to explore various cultures and customs, Phil Rosenthal is indeed the new big thing in food and travel!

So what can you expect from Phil Rosenthal?! Well, the comedic writer jokingly shared in an interview that he’s going to go on stage and eat a sandwich! But all kidding aside, Phil Rosenthal has traveled to 40 cities just to eat. With seven seasons in Somebody Feed Phil, the man has pretty much seen it all – from Western hole-in-the-wall spots in Washington D.C. to the exotic street food of Mumbai. Rosenthal has a lot of experience and information to share, and he will do so in a compelling, in-depth discussion with a surprise special guest. In a statement, Rosenthal mentioned that he will be interviewed by a host, but he won’t say who this will be yet, but it will surely be someone famous! You’re going to have to find out by scoring tickets to this highly awaited spectacle. Aside from in-depth discussions, audiences can also watch out for the coveted Q and A portion. “I get all kinds of questions, like real ethical questions, as if I’m a Rabbi. I have very strong opinions,” shared Rosenthal.

Enjoy this thrilling discussion as Phil Rosenthal brings you on a gastronomical spectacle! The Phil Rosenthal Live 2024 Tour is guaranteed to be a truly unique experience for all types of audiences! So quickly secure your passes now and catch Phil Rosenthal at the Moore Theatre on Friday, 17th May 2024!

Phil Rosenthal at Moore Theatre - WA

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