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Following the release of their latest EP "La Dolce Vita", ONEUS just announced its global tour, heading to the U.S. this spring. Taking listeners on a poppin' adventure through the wonders of love, it's an album K-Pop fans just can't miss. Produced by FPC Live and Live Nation, the 11-city trek kicks off on this special show at Moore Theatre on Saturday, March 16. This Seattle stop will set the tone of their stops across North America in NYC, Orlando, Houston, and many more. Since their 2019 debut with "LIGHT US", they've captured the world's hearts for their way with words and astounding musical and dance talent. Inviting their listeners to dance the night away, "Baila Conmigo" is the band's newest hit - one last dance between two lovers. You can expect their newest anthems alongside their biggest hits - “LIT”, “No Diggity”, “LUNA”, and “Same Scent” to conquer the stage. Don't miss out on ONEUS 2nd WORLD TOUR: La Dolce Vita by booking your tickets now!

Since their 2019 debut with 'LIGHT US", ONEUS kicked off their legacy of conquering the K-Pop world. Right off the bat, the boys received international acclaim, entering the Top 10 charts in Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Since then, the band has produced a couple of hits - “LIT”, “No Diggity”, “LUNA”, and “Same Scent”.

In September 2023, ONEUS released its latest EP "La Dolce Vita", producing its newest hit single "Baila Conmigo". Inspired by Latin pop music, the track is the first inspiration behind the mermaid story.

"Usually, people relate Latin music to something red and fiery, and we thought of a completely contrasting color -- blue. The mermaid story also popped up then," Keonhee shared, via The Korea Herald. "A last dance with one's lover that one could give up his life for was the perfect epitome of 'La Dolce Vita,'" he explained about the track, its title translating to "Dance with Me".

The mini-album achieved remarkable success around the world, entering the Top 10 on iTunes charts in 12 regions. In their fifth year in music, the boys have gone through significant growth and development, dedicating their time and efforts into honing their vocals, songwriting, choreography, and even creative production - its concepts and visuals.

"La Dolce Vita" also includes a Spanish version of "Baila Conmigo", their first Spanish song. Though the language isn't that common among K-Pop groups and artists, ONEUS is challenging the scene, crossing borders in binding people together by the power of their lyrical tales.

"Latin pop seems to be in style. It's logging high on the Billboard charts, and we wanted our songs to be enjoyed more globally," Keon-hee shared. "We also wanted to return the big love from fans we received during our recent world tour in South America, and Spanish sounded like a perfect match for the song's unique tone,"

Now, the band is focused on creating music that can attract a larger audience - crossing borders and celebrating diversity in their craft. Beyond Billboard rankings, charts, and sales, they remain driven by creating music that inspires and connects every human being around the world. Lee-do shares that they used to be anxious about rankings, explaining how the pressure is real among groups as a symbol of their reputation. Now, they're focusing on the most important goal - to create music that makes them and their fans happy. "We and the company agreed that if we do our own music, results would follow naturally with time.," he said.

As ONEUS' new era comes to life on stage, make sure you're part of the show by booking your tickets now.

Oneus at Moore Theatre - WA

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