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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Marianas Trench

Canada’s favorite genre-blending pop band Marianas Trench are on their way to the Moore Theatre as part of their upcoming The Force of Nature Tour. The band has been dominating the Canadian charts since their debut under Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger’s record label, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in demand across the border. They’re gearing up for a massive US and Canada tour, so don’t miss out. Get tickets to see them live in Seattle - they’re on sale now!

Marianas Trench have made their mark on Canadian music. Since they began playing small shows in their hometown and signing to 604 Records, they’ve never failed to impress their country of origin. But it wasn’t until the release of their third studio album, Ever After, that they started to see some serious worldwide success. To hear classic pop punk anthems like Stutter, Desperate Measures, and Fallout, grab your tickets to see them perform live in Moore Theatre. Don’t think, just buy!! Seriously, you won’t regret it.

With the release of the few singles off of their third record, Ever After, Marianas Trench went from a small band from Vancouver to a worldwide sensation. Stutter and Desperate Measures especially were instant hits across the board, and went on to hit multi-Platinum status in Canada. They continue to top charts and break hearts with their latest work, the album Lightning and Thunder. While they’ve blended genres from the beginning, this time it feels more intentional; with inspiration from hard rock, pop punk, and modern pop music all around. If you haven't, give it a listen. Or better yet, get some tickets to their upcoming show in Seattle. They’ll be down at Moore Theatre playing all the hits, new and old. So get your tickets and get going!

Marianas Trench have been serving pop punk greatness from day one. But with this new album, they bring a more modern sound, it’s almost electric. There’s something so special about their evolution as a band, and it is perfectly showcased in their newest album, Lightening and Thunder. If you’ve ever been a fan of their iconic musicality, you have GOT to hear this album. It’s a perfect blend of the new and the old; bringing what fans love about their past work together with new elements to shake things up. Now that the album’s been out for a few months, the band is ready to hit the road with dates all over the US and, of course, Canada. So, what are you waiting for, exactly. It’s not like they’re getting any younger. Get tickets now!

Canadian fans of pop punk have been advocating for Marianas Trench from the very beginning. Now, they don’t just have their local scene from BC on their side, but they’re selling out venues all over the US and Canada for another year full of touring. The band has over 30 dates across the two countries, and they’re ready to jam with theaters full of eager fans. It’s been a while since they could visit us here in America since the pandemic reigned over society, but now everything is back to normal and they have a date in Seattle, Washington picked just for you! Okay, maybe not you, specifically, but you get my point. They’re touring for the fans, so be one of them on October 18th and enjoy a night you’ll probably never forget.

Marianas Trench at Moore Theatre - WA

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