Lovett or Leave It at Moore Theatre

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Moore Theatre | Seattle, Washington

You 'gotta Lovett or Leave It! Carrying its hilarious takes on political agenda and generous servings of in-your-face reality topics, the acclaimed podcast founded by Jon Lovett is hitting the stage across the country. If scoring concert tickets seemed to be a challenge lately, catch yourself a break as Lovett or Leave It launches it's very own "The Errors Tour". Sounds familiar? Well, let's just take this time to point out errors of anything under the sun – and politics is definitely something that Lovett strikes well. With an abundance of intellectual insights and hilarious opinions across its podcast conversations, Lovett's show also offers doses of witty spiels that send the crowd on their feet. As "The Errors Tour" launches full-swing ahead, don't miss out on its stop at Moore Theatre on Saturday, 4th of November 2023. Make sure to mark your spots by booking those tickets now!

Lovett or Leave It at Moore Theatre

The acclaimed podcast host, TV writer, and former presidential speechwriter is making his way across the nation, serving a live stage treatment to his widely adored podcast, Lovett or Leave It. As the political pundit shares current political affairs, news, and hilarious doses of opinions, Jon Lovett is going all-out. Carrying a mission towards progressive media, the lad's live tour trek hopes to inspire and spark discussions while taking doses of comedy-gold spiels. While millions of spectators find trouble amidst the massive return of live tours, Lovett is proud to present his very own "The Errors Tour". Get your hands on those seats before others do!

Lovett or Leave It – the adored podcast by Jon Lovett, co-founder of the progressive media network, Crooked Media. Sharing that the weekly affair is his way of talking about politics in "plain language that doesn’t rely on cliches and tired political language," the man told The Washington Post. Amidst troubled waters across political events and outrage, "This show is a little like therapy — it’s a chance to commiserate with other people who see things how you do."

As a former presidential scriptwriter for then-president Obama, the man invites panelists and guest journalists on his show, sharing that they discuss and dissect news in a "very loose" manner. "It’s a chance to catch up on the news and make fun of the bullshit we can barely make sense of every week," he told The Guardian. "With a mix of substance and jokes and rants and bad impressions."

Hosted by yours truly, you can expect The Errors Tour to bring its finest insights to the live stage, while serving the man's "big gay live comedy and variety show to states that are totally into that", while also bringing it to states that have no choice but to welcome the lad's domination.

In a conversation with The Bay Area Reporter, "We really take a lot of pride in making sure we don't let it get stale and are always trying to keep this show fresh," Lovett shared. "People, I think, who were all having the same sense of frustrations, worries, fears, and furies over the last, whatever, six years can be in one place and commiserate together,"

Surely, this is what the gay lad does best – gathering everyone with the same thoughts together, while offering sparks of joy and hilarious amidst news of political turmoil. "What I enjoy is we all have the same sense of humour about it."

As Jon Lovett hits the stage on his very own "The Errors Tour", make sure to grab your seats while they're hot! Don't miss out on its Moore Theatre stop by booking your tickets now!

Lovett or Leave It at Moore Theatre

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