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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Dan & Phil

Who would have thought that two wacky friends being themselves in front of a camera can turn it into a full live bonanza?! Well, here we are, greatly entertained by the prolific Internet personalities and scrambling for access for their third major trek! The Terrible Influence Tour brings the unprecedented duo Dan and Phil on a worldwide trek that happens to include a coveted U.S. stop! Yes, you can expect a more exhilarating showdown as the duo serve up a storm of jokes, roasts, stories and hilarious plot twists! The duo are surefire entertainers and you’re in for an excellent season as they make their way towards Seattle, Washington! Get set for a brilliant new showdown when they land at the Moore Theatre! The spectacle on Sunday 6th October 2024 is guaranteed to have you laughing all night! So hurry and don’t wait too long now and hit that Get Tickets link!

They're older and gayer than ever before but they come bearing a great spectacle! Internet phenoms Daniel and Phil is taking their sensational radio show across the globe and they’re here to bring a whole new roaring showdown for the Terrible Influence Tour. This 2024, the brand new outing is guaranteed to be a screamingly hilarious spectacle packed with jaw dropping stories, some savage roasts, and tons more. With a brand new look and whole new gist for 2024, it is a surefire thing that nothing will hold back Dan & Phil - not even cancel culture!

This 2024, the duo will be delivering over 70 gigs! They are traveling across the world and this fall, they’re painting the town pink with their hilariously awesome spectacle. On Sunday 6th October 2024, Dan & Phil will be conquering the Moore Theatre. Expect to laugh like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve been following them online, this is your chance to see them in person. This year, the duo has cooked up something amazing for their longtime fans, as well as new followers. It’s a whole shebang of surprises and whatnots that are sure to turn your evening upside down. But it’s the type of spectacle that will put you in the most excellent mood.

They are two of England’s most revered Internet personalities. The duo joined forces in 2009 and their partnership has turned into a mega franchise, consisting of Youtube and radio shows, books, films, and live tours. Dan and Phil’s collaboration has earned numerous accolades, including a Sony Award, Summer in the City Award, and two British Online Creator Awards.

Be sure to check them out as they turn up the stage at the Moore Theatre! Dan & Phil’s live tours have a massive collection of rave reviews – from The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire to Interactive Introverts. This 2024, they’re on their third major trek and it’s bound to be another exhilarating performance by the energetic duo.

Be sure to catch this duo turn up Moore Theatre by securing your passes now!

Dan & Phil at Moore Theatre - WA

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