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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Celtic Thunder

Guests at the Moore Theater on Tuesday, September 24th, 2024, are going to be in for a treat! Irish band Celtic Thunder is coming to Seattle on that date. This band offers one of the more unique experiences in show business. The show is part theater, part classic rock concert, while the band mixes in some of their own tunes. They’re actually on their Odyssey tour with this show, and they're promoting their new album, which is also called Odyssey.

The Irish themes will engulf the Moore Theater on this date. More than one person will want to have a beer to truly enjoy the show as it's meant to be. In spite of the fact that these jolly ol Irish songs will push you to have a beer, it’s a very family-oriented show that anyone can enjoy. If you want to be a part of this experience, make sure to click the get tickets button now!

Celtic Thunder as a group have gone through a ton of changes since their inception in 2007. They’ve even had to endure the loss of one of their beloved members, George Donaldson. The staying power of the group, though, is that they operate a little bit more like a theater show than a band. If you haven’t been to one of their concerts, and you want to explore what it may be like, think about it like an Irish play with jolly songs. These guys have amazing vocals, all of them could headline a show on Broadway or maybe in the UK, you know, because of the accents. What you can expect to see at the Moore Theater on September 24th is a full show.

It’s not just a band that’s going to play some traditional Irish music and some songs like “Breaking Up,” which are all-time classics. They’re going to be crafting a show where the audience is engaged in the storyline, and there’s a reason why they start playing different songs. Again, it is a family experience, but things can get a little rowdy when they begin playing “Seven Drunken Nights.” Maybe they lead off with that song to make sure that people get into that mood. It’s a little bit like heading down to an extremely choreographed St Patrick's Day show.

Fans of the group are going to love the experience. You know that you can come down to the Moore Theater with friends or family and enjoy the show. That’s a bit why there’s a lot more info for the uninitiated here! The Moore Theater is one of the best venues for these types of shows. If you want to dance to these Irish tunes with your lads, then the pit area is going to be where you want to get your tickets. On the other hand, if you wish to have a “different” type of Tuesday night outing, you could see the show perfectly from the second-floor seating. Plus, the whole traditional theater vibes help the show out a lot! Click that get tickets button to reserve your seat in this Irish fest! This is a night that anyone can really enjoy.

Celtic Thunder at Moore Theatre - WA

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