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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Caetano Veloso

Stylistic diversity of legendary proportions — that would probably the best phrase we can describe what music fans will experience this March 27 at the Moore Theatre as another music heavyweight will grace the stage of the famous Washington venue. If you are a fan of samba, MPB, bossa nova, gaucho music, tropicália, and choro, you are sure to be delighted to know that the one and only Caetano Veloso will be bringing his 2024 tour to the Emerald City. As someone who has transcended music to literature and activism, Caetano has put out socially conscious songs that have become influential in Brazilian society. And you can expect to hear these songs on this memorable Wednesday evening. Dubbed the "Meu Coco Tour," the multi-Grammy award-winning artist will showcase the songs from his latest album of the same name, along with his greatest hits, including "O quereres," "Sozinho," "O Leãozinho," and "Você é linda." Tickets to his show are now available, and you can get yours here by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Brazil is known for being a country with a rich musical culture. Music in this country is heavily influenced by unique regional styles. Some genres that are unique to them are axé, sertanejo, samba, bossa nova, gaucho music, tropicália, and choro. These genres were brought to the mainstream by notable musicians.
During the 60s, a Brazillian musical movement came to be. The Tropicalismo was a time when pop music and regional styles began to mix. Foreign influences began to be accepted alongside new ways of musical approaches and traditional Brazillian music. The resulting music genre is what is now called tropicália. Among the legendary musicians who took part in the molding of this genre is Caetano Veloso.
The legendary musician put out 35 albums in his career. His first albums were considered out-of-the-box and provocative. Most of these albums were self-titled. All are among the first albums with a tropicália musical style. As the 70s came, his style also started to experiment with fusions from multiple genres. His 1972 album "Transa," which he produced in London while exiled. He still captured the Brazillian audience with this release even though he was far from home. It is considered among the top 10 albums of Brazil. Each album that followed after this record is as daring and experimental. "Cinema Transcendental" (1979) and "Estrangeiro" (1989) were among the most exceptional of these genre-defying releases.
As the 2000s came, he was already considered among the ground-breaking and innovative musicians in the world. He holds the same distinction with that of the Beetles and Bob Marley. His music during this era redefined samba and MPB (Música popular brasileira) for the next generation. "Eu Não Peço Desculpa," "Onqotô," and "Zii e Zie" were among his biggest releases.
Veloso has received two Grammy Awards, both in the category of Best World Music Album and 11 from the Latin Grammys. Other award-giving bodies, particularly South American artists and in Brazil, also recognized his big contributions, including stellar work for film scoring.
The great Brazilian musician will be on tour this year. The Moore Theatre will experience the best of tropicália, samba, and MPB on March 27. Tickets sell out fast, so get yours now!

Caetano Veloso at Moore Theatre - WA

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