BEAT – Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson at Moore Theatre

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson Tickets

Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson

Crimson King fanatics have much to look forward to as this terrific prog powerhouse will have a brilliant resurgence this fall! It’s not exactly a grand reunion but astounding tenured members are joining forces to serve the legendary band’s ‘80s era! This upcoming season, King Crimson members Adrian Belew and Tony Levin are jumping on tour with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai and Danny Carey to serve a golden period of exemplary roaring hits and going by as the supergroup Beat! Expect this brilliant prog rock rager to conquer Seattle’s Moore Theatre! The show on Tuesday 26th November 2024 is sure to bring some terrific classics to life! King Crimson was definitely at its peak during the ‘80s and it’s only right to bring their amazing staples to avid listeners through a remarkable live production! So hurry and secure passes now by clicking on the Get Tickets link! There is no question that this is a once in a lifetime spectacle!

With a fantastic summer run, the Beat Tour Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson has extended all the way to fall and winter and will now be serving over 60 dates! Can you believe it? Fans are totally getting their King Crimson fix this 2024! The mighty talented quartet featuring two tenured members Adrian Belew and Tony Levin and guitar legend Steve Vai and acclaimed prog metal drummer Danny Carey are slated to serve a golden period of King Crimson’s career. The ‘80s brought high caliber gems, such as Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair. The ultra fire success the band achieved with these three efforts was unprecedented. Although the ‘70s era was also great, most musicians of today were heavily moved by the unimaginable excellence and prowess that these legends demonstrated with their work during the ‘80s.

Now, fans will have the opportunity to experience the amazing tracks from these works live as Belew, Vai, Levin, and Carey turn up the venues with their mighty packed sets. Attendees are definitely look at iconic hits, such as “Matte Kudasai,” “Thela hun Ginjeet,” “Heartbeat,” “Elephant Talk,” “Sleepless,” and much, much more. Of course, a King Crimson gig will not be complete without some magnificently performed instrumentals. So look forward to some roaring tunes as Belew and Levin lead the pack in serving these awesome sauce tracks.

For Beat’s much awaited stop in Seattle, fans can anticipate a beyond remarkable showdown as the kick ass quartet belt out all the smashers. Adrian Belew and Tony Levin were both members of King Crimson during the ‘80s era and were exactly the ones who recorded these amazing body of works. So expect exemplary fluidity and utmost musicianship from both players. Trust us when we say that there’s nobody who has more right to perform these illustrious hits than them! Meanwhile, legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai was heavily influenced by King Crimson’s work. In an interview, Vai praised the band not just for its complexity but also for pioneering guitar synthesizers. Lastly, Danny Carey’s progressive drumming style is highly influenced by the band’s work. Now, he’s serving as drummer in this monumental supergroup.

Be sure to check this one out! It’s a grand showdown of amazing tunes from the prog pioneers who gave music fans the most astounding masterpieces during the ‘80s! Secure your passes no by hitting the Get Tickets link!

BEAT - Belew/Vai/Levin/Carey Play 80s King Crimson at Moore Theatre - WA

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