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Celebrating THIRTY years since the show’s debut, The State cast members will reunite for an uproarious LIVE performance on Wednesday, November 29, at the Moore Theatre! This event, the "Breakin 'Hearts & Dippin' Balls Tour," marks the group's national circuit debut. Meet Ken Marino, Kerri Kenney-Silver, David Wain, Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Jann, Thomas Lennon, Kevin Allison, and Michael Ian Black in this year’s most anticipated comedy comeback! Featuring your favorite sketches like “Taco Man” and fresh new material, this comical spectacle will tickle a laugh out of you in a million different ways. MTV first broadcasted The State in 1994 to huge acclaim, completing four seasons before concluding the following year after a CBS Halloween special. Famous for its character-driven segments, it showcased absurdist and satirical concepts that would inspire future generations of aspiring sketch artists. We expect additional upcoming dates, but the gig at the breathtakingly historical and acoustically tuned Moore Theatre is one you shouldn’t miss. Book your seats ASAP!

The Seattle Theatre Group ecstatically presents the BIGGEST comedy reunion of the past decade! Watch out as the cast of MTV's The State comes barreling to Chicago and Seattle this November, continuing their first-ever national outing dubbed the "Breakin 'Hearts & Dippin' Balls Tour!" The production, which also celebrates the show's 30th anniversary, promises more dates to come, but for now, we urge everyone to catch the performance LIVE at the Moore Theatre on November 29 for a Wednesday night of cackling cacophony!

"In just three short seasons, MTV's The State established itself as one of the most influential sketch comedy series of all time and kick-started the careers of some of the most successful comedy actors, writers, and directors of our generation."

The upcoming sketch comedy will feature all-new segments as well as classics from the hit '90s show. It will also welcome back eight of the original eleven who came knocking at our TVs and broke into our hearts with their hilarious antics.
Ken Marino
Kerri Kenney-Silver
David Wain
Joe Lo Truglio
Michael Jann
Thomas Lennon
Kevin Allison
Michael Ian Black

"There's a closeness between us that would be nearly impossible to duplicate… In my life, I've been to the emergency room three times, and twice I was taken or carried by Ken Marino," Lennon commented about the group's dynamic in a Zoom interview.

Lauded by Rolling Stone as one of the GREATEST sketch shows of all time, The State first aired on MTV in 1994. It ended after four seasons the following year on August 12, with a CBS special on October 27. The series was characterized by its high-energy acting and subversion of familiar tropes, often towing the lines between the mundane, the absurd, and the satirical. Whether it's the off-beat "Taco Man," the farcical "Bologna Foot," or the mini-musical "Porcupine Racetrack," The State offers a hilariously wild ride you'll never want to get off of. Many of the show’s alums would also go on to star, write, and direct in some of the most side-splitting projects on film—from Vin Diesel's The Pacifier to Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum—and television, such as Reno 911! and Childrens Hospital.

The Moore Theatre, Seattle's oldest active performing arts venue, welcomes The State's reunited cast this Wednesday, November 29. Sink into high-end seats and enjoy a fantastic view of this historic stage, laughter echoing all over, thanks to sharply engineered acoustics. Very few theaters can replicate such a world-class experience, so grab the chance and make your reservations now!

The State at Moore Theatre - WA

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