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Moore Theatre | Seattle, Washington

The award-winning jazz fusion ensemble, Snarky Puppy, just announced its Empire Central US Fall Tour 2023. Blending hints of pop, rock, world, and funk to its jazz masterpieces, the act led by bassist Michael League skyrocketed to global acclaim with their astounding talent and musical craft. Snarky Puppy just won its newest award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. The album covers 16 new tracks, paying homage to their roots where Snarky Puppy all began. The album also consists of Bernard Wright's last studio performance before passing away after the album's recording sessions. As genre-defying musicians, the collective is gearing up to take their newest hit on the road, stopping by at Moore Theatre on Friday, 15th of September 2023. In celebration of their recent Grammy win, Snarky Puppy shared live studio performances of their tracks including "Cliroy", "Trinity", "Take It!", "RL's", and many more. Catch them live on stage by booking those tickets now!

Snarky Puppy at Moore Theatre

Made up of nineteen musicians to date, Snarky Puppy found critical acclaim for their ability to blend different genres into one unit. As the world's most sought-after jazz fusion collective, the ensemble recently released its newest album, Empire Central. The record features its new masterpieces "Cliroy", "East Bay", "Take It!", "Bet", and many more in this massive 16-track musical dream. The album also won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. As Snarky Puppy rides new waves of success following Empire Central, the ensemble is set to hit the road on the Empire Central Tour this fall.

The album was recorded over eight nights, right in front of a live studio audience at Deep Ellum Art Company in Dallas. In celebration of the record's groundbreaking success, Snarky Puppy shared a series of live studio performance videos of "Cliroy", "Trinity", "Pineapple", "Belmont", "Bet", "RL's", and "Take It!". Empire Central continues to amass rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

The album also marks Snarky Puppy's return to recording in a live in-studio setup, the type that greatly contributed to their 2014 viral breakthrough record "We Like It Here".

"I think compositionally, it’s dramatically different from albums like that," Michael Leauge shared with Live For Live Music in an interview. "It’s different of course, because we’re different. It’s nine years later. But it probably has a similar emotional character because of the way we recorded it."

With the wave of acclaim and praise Empire Central received, Snarky Puppy definitely continues to deliver masterpieces driven by their astounding blend of genres served with an emotional character to every track. The album features 16 songs written by 12 different members. "We know who we are now, and we know what our sound is," League sharted, explaining that despite having a whopping 19 members, they remain connected sonically.

"I think it’s quite easy if you’re the right person. First, everyone in the band is compassionate and humble, and secondly, a great musician," League shared with Daily Sabah. "You must be generous, supportive, and happy to let the people around you shine without thinking of yourself."

Driven by passion, talent, and committed teamwork, Snarky Puppy continues to live the dream, serving doses of the best jazz fusion masterpieces this world can offer. The ensemble largely credits its fans and audiences for their will to perform at their best. "I honestly think we have one of the best audiences in the world," League shared. "They listen intently while giving us loads of energy onstage."

Talking about their live performances, League explains that they don't have a particular formula to follow, but only create a new story for every night with their setlist. "I’m not sure we’ve ever played the same set twice while headlining," he told Daily Sabah. "It keeps the band on its toes, and the crowd feels that."

As Snarky Puppy embarks on an extensive Empire Central Tour this fall, make sure to save your spots at the show by booking those tickets now!

Snarky Puppy at Moore Theatre

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