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Sheng Wang

One of the nation's rising and hottest stand-up comedians is coming to you live! Sheng Wang, the Taiwanese-American comic and writer, is kicking off a set of live shows this new year. Fresh from his first Netflix special, "Sweet and Juicy", the man is jet-set to share fun and laughter across the country. His growing roster of shows includes a stop at Moore Theatre on Saturday, May 18. It's definitely something to look forward to. Since 2002, the man honed his stand-up skills, performing around San Francisco and NYC. Now, he's got the world hooked with his Netflix release and a couple of appearances, including HBO’s "2 Dope Queens" and writing for the ABC hit TV show, "Fresh Off the Boat". Taking his comedy-gold antics and spiels to the stage, everyone's up for a hilarious ride with Sheng Wang. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Marking a monumental milestone in his career, Sheng Wang is coming to you live, fresh from his first Netflix special, "Sweet and Juicy". Driven by his clean humor that gets audiences cracking into hysterical laughs, from "from grandmas to porn stars," it sure is one heck of a good time. The man's been in the underground for quite a while, juggling shows around San Francisco and NYC since 2002, and contributing his writing skills to ABC's hit TV series, "Fresh Off the Boat".

As the spotlight turns to the Taiwanese-American comic, Wang found his own audience in and beyond America, with the help of Ali Wong whom he regards as "one of my best friends and one of my favorite comedians in the entire world," he shared, via The Daily Beast. With massive support and inspiration from his best friend, Wang pursued his own craft, much to the acclaim of the world.

Finding joy and laughter amidst the everyday quirks of mundane life, Wang strikes every laugh through his relatable tales and fresh humor. Twenty years since he first dived into the world of comedy, he found his big break with his first Netflix special, surprised at how much people relate to his everyday stories. "t’s just all kinds of people at different ages, different careers, different parts of society, parents and their children, from grandmas to porn stars," the man shared, via NBC News.

Directed by Ali Wong, the man pays huge respect to the acclaimed comic, citing her as an inspiration of his love for the art of laughter. "I’ve slowly been following in her footsteps in a really weird way," he shared. "Not just careerwise: I got her old furniture. She’s upgrading slowly. So I’m slowly upgrading to what she just had."

You might say he was pretty much under the radar before "Sweet and Juicy" came out. The man shares that he was just trying to be as boring and bland as possible so that his jokes speak for themselves. True enough, his shows definitely get audiences into hysterical laughter, oozing with reliability in his conversations. "That’s the mindset that I had, was to just go on stage and let the jokes speak for themselves and not have things that people can think about or judge me on," he told The Daily Beast.

With a set of shows coming right up, this is your chance to witness the magic that a Sheng Wang show brings. It's definitely gonna be a "sweet and juicy" feeling! Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Sheng Wang at Moore Theatre - WA

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