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Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney just dropped some special stuff for his fans, including a long-awaited headlining tour! He released news that he’s releasing a new, self-titled album on May 17th, making it his first album since 2021! Fans have waited three years for this and now it’s finally here! When he goes on this highly anticipated trek across North America, you can expect him to sing all his newest songs and some old favorites. And good news for fans in Seattle, Washington: he’s stopping in your city!

Catch Mat Kearney live when he performs live at the Moore Theatre on Friday, the 14th of June, 2024. This is indeed a show you wouldn’t want to miss! Based on his latest single, Palisades, you can expect a lot of emotional and heartfelt songs - you’re going to love this new tour!

Tickets are on sale right now! Grab yours here before they sell out!

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter/producer Mat Kearney announced in early March that his upcoming self-titled album is arriving on May 17th via Middle Kid Records. His last album, January Flower, was released in 2021, making it a three year gap between albums. This new self titled album is produced by Kearney himself, with additional production coming from Micah Tawkls (Hayley Williams, Liza Anne, COIN) and Marc Scibilia (Breland, Robin Schultz, Teddy Swims).

Alongside the album announcement, he also released its captivating new single “Palisades.” This feel good song was produced by Kearney and Tawkls and featuring The Brook and the Bluff as his backing band. Sharing some background on the song, Kearney said: “Someone once told me as a young musician ‘enjoy it now cause you can only start a journey once.’ I look back at some pinnacle moments and realize they were lost on me at the time. That feeling of leaving home and being in the middle of a highlight reel, is what ‘Palisades’ sounds like to me where the journey is the destination.”

This is the third single off the new album that’s been released and it’s definitely making people even more excited to hear more! The first two that were released were “Headlights Home” and “Good Thing Going On.” Kearney also says this album is one of his most personal releases as it’s more of a reflection of his two-decade long career.

“It’s time I let you in on the secret of what I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. My self-titled ‘Mat Kearney’ record is coming out May 17th. I got a text from my long-time band member Phil Moore saying, ‘this record feels the most like the guy I’ve been hanging out with for the last 10 years.’ I think that sums it up. I wanted to make something honest, warm, raw, that felt like a big hug, the soundtrack for a drive into mountains, and beach hang with friends. I spread my wings and took on more of the production. Some songs I did start to finish alone. I also collaborated in ways I haven’t before. My favorite Nashville band The Brook and The Bluff played on a handful of songs. It was the first time I felt like I was in a band. I tried to keep it simple. Real instruments and honest performances, like how I started out. I keep playing this record in my car which isn’t normal for me once I complete a project. I hope that’s a good sign and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Love, Mat”

He has announced a massive headlining tour of the U.S. this summer/fall, and it's landing in Seattle, Washington. If you want to catch Mat Kearney live on stage, you better go and buy your tickets to this show now!

Mat Kearney at Moore Theatre - WA

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