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Laura Ramoso

You've seen her online! Known for her award-winning hilarious social media sketch sensation, Laura Ramoso is taking her sit-down comedy fun to the live stage. A German mom, an Italian dad, or a girl who just got back from a country far away, she's taken multiple identities, and all of us are living for 'em! The Toronto-based comedian has garnered over 30 million likes on TikTok, serving massive doses of fun with her homemade sketches. Now, taking it all to the big stage, she just announced the North American leg of The SIT UP STRAIGHT Tour, coming this fall. Part of the trek is a special stop at Moore Theatre on Sunday, November 3. Produced by Live Nation, Ramoso's North American trek covers 20 cities, so everyone will surely have the chance to witness her quirky and hilarious humor on the big stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

German-Italian comedian Laura Ramoso is taking her iconic "The SIT UP STRAIGHT Tour" to North America. Kicking off the global trek in Australia, the hilarious queen behind "German Mom", "Italian Dad", and "Girl who just got back from..." is taking her viral sketches to the big stage. Close to two million followers and over 48 million likes on TikTok, the world's definitely hooked on her multiple personas. Now, everyone's in to witness her different characters take over the stage.

Back in 2022, Laura Ramoso returned to the stage and performed her acclaimed live show "FRANCES". She performed at jam-packed and sold-out shows at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London's Soho Theatre. Following immense demand for her live shows, she was named as Just for Laughs New Face of Comedy in 2023.

Laura's acts have been praised for its universal relatability, striking a feeling of home in her comedy personas. Growing up around her mother's work at the World Health Organization, she took note and picked up some cultural elements from people of different backgrounds. The Guardian has praised her as "A stellar performer", noted for her "Huge talent" by The Times, and "…it’s hard not to be won over" as Time Out shares.

In a conversation with Euronews, Laura shares her thoughts about her rise in the comedy scene. Raised as a multilingual speaking German, Italian, and French, she thinks "humour has so much to do with the rhythm and pacing of the language," explaining how different languages differ in the way they are expressed, wordplay, and all-in-all rythm. "It's very, very fun to play both sides and obviously going back and forth"

Her viral sketches are actually inspired by her roots, impersonating her parents - something that the world soon found extremely relatable. Straight out of her home, her videos became largely inspired by actual people she's observed. "99% of my concepts come from real-world observations, big or small. I am inspired by the people I see and interact with in my day-to-day, or real-life situations and behaviours I find odd, charming, relatable etc. I then take that observation or truth, and exaggerate it to the point of satire," she told Naluda Magazine.

Making her big return to the stage, get ready for The SIT UP STRAIGHT Tour, and we bet you won't resist getting on your feet with her comedy-gold antics. Book your tickets now!

Laura Ramoso at Moore Theatre - WA

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