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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

La India Yuridia

Who says Spanish women can't be funny?! La India Yuridia begs to differ and she's on her way to becoming Mexico's top standupera! This fall, the iconic characters delivers her brand new bits for the coveted Porque Asi Soy Gira 2024! Gear up fast and better move on those tickets because this lady sure knows how to fill out a show! When you come to see this laugh riot, the showdown is bound to be packed! She's Mexico's most sought after comic after all! This October, she's set to take over Seattle to serve out of this world humor that you can't catch anywhere else! See her conquer the Moore Theatre with her peculiar humor but ever so brilliant material that’s funny but also serve a valuable life lesson at the same time! Surely, you’ll be laughing your lungs out on Saturday 19th October 2024 but also nodding your head in agreement! Hurry and secure your access now!

If you’re into Spanish comedy, there is no reason to sleep on this sensational stand-upera! For starters, she’s currently Mexico’s top female comedian that has had audiences across the Americas laughing until their sides hurt. She’s also a brilliant performer, known for her incredible sharp wit, sensible advice, and uber hilarious stories about her experiences with her husband. When she’s not doing her chuckle worthy impression, she’s dropping jokes like non-stop. This strategy has definitely put her up there among the male-dominated stand-up industry! It’s hard enough that Mexico’s culture is on a slow pace to accepting comedy as a legitimate career, let alone being a female stand-up comedian!

But now it’s 2024 and comedy is on the rise! Brave women like La India Yuridia has taken their impressive knack for humor to the stage. In her case, she has adapted a hilarious character based on a renowned telenovela icon. La India Maria from the popular character from Tonta Tonta Pero No Tanto was a strong indigenous woman, who often suffered from racial discrimanation and classism. Much like everything that La India Yuridia is standing up against - except she does it with superb wit and idiosyncratic humor!

For her spectacle at the Moore Theatre, prepare to laugh like a hyena as La India Yuridia belts out never heard before material. Her Porque Asi Soy Gira 2024 is sure to bring fresh jokes and stories that you’ll find relatable and oh so amusing. It’s a show that is designed to have you laughing but also leave you empowered. With amazing work like this there is no wonder why La India Yuridia is a fast rising global phenom. Today, the comedianne is bringing in impressive numbers – she’s on the verge of hitting one billion views on her Youtube channel while her TikTok is clocking in close to 50 million likes. Yes, the power of the Internet is at play and while these new breeds of comedians use it to gain popularity, it’s their actual talent that keeps audiences coming back time and time again.

So be there to catch La India Yuridia’s most iconic stand-up set! Her comedy showdown at the Moore Theatre is guaranteed to put you in high spirits! Click on the Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

La India Yuridia at Moore Theatre - WA

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