Jose Gonzalez at Moore Theatre

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Moore Theatre | Seattle, Washington

The soothing and ethereal voice of the Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist José González will envelop the walls of Moore Theatre this November 8 as he ignites the famous Seattle, Washington, venue with his intimate songs and performances. The "Heartbeats" hitmaker will invoke the feeling of tranquility and introspection in you as he sports his rich, velvety voice. If you want to experience the magic of José González's hits like "Crosses," "Stay Alive," "Line of Fire," and "El Invento," among many others, this concert is a must to attend. The 44-year-old singer-songwriter will captivate your senses with his signature melodic tunes and virtuoso guitar playing. Get your tickets ahead of time to secure the best seats in the venue. Whether you are an avid fan or simply want to attend a feel-good show, you are more than welcome. For ticket information and details on how to lock in the best ticket prices, click the "Get Tickets" link.

Jose Gonzalez at Moore Theatre

If you are the type of person who prefers the gentle and soothing melodies of indie folk, you probably have heard of Jose Gonzalez. The Swedish singer-songwriter made waves in the 2010s for his mellow music and comforting lyrics. His style has endured for 20 years, characterized by subdued singing and sounds. Surprisingly, his music career began in hardcore punk, the total opposite of his current music. His melancholic voice, existential lyrics, and exquisite guitar playing have become his signature. Also, this style became a much-needed breather for many people.

Jose Gonzalez was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. His family took refuge in the country from Argentina, avoiding its military coup d'état. When he was a kid, he began listening to Latin folk music and fell in love with it. This is a genre that became common in his songs. Before he became a full-time musician, he was an academic. He dabbled in biochemistry and was in the middle of his doctorate when he decided to move on to music.

Gonzalez's beginning in the music scene was with the band Back Against the Wall. The band was known for its hardcore punk. This was in the midst of his studies in the 90s. After they disbanded, he became the guitarist of the rock band Only If You Call Me Jonathan.

In 2003, Gonzalez went solo. At the same time, he released his debut album "Veneer." Moving away from rock, his calming singing and philosophical lyrics began to shine. The album featured covers of popular songs, including "Heartbeats" by the Swedish band The Knife. His sophomore, "In Our Nature," followed in 2007. He received the European Border Breakers Award for this album. Three years after, his documentary entitled The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of Jose Gonzalez premiered. It would take another five years for his follow-up album entitled "Vestiges & Claws" to hit the racks. It became a huge success, receiving positive acclaim. Six years after, "Local Valley" became his most recent album release.

Jose Gonzalez premieres his second documentary this year entitled "A Tiger in Paradise." In support of the release, he will be touring, bringing music and film to the stage. The Moore Theatre will host his concert on Wednesday, November 8. Do not miss him there!

Jose Gonzalez at Moore Theatre

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