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Joe Pera

One of the most talented men in comedy is headed to the Moore Theater in Seattle on Sunday, July 21st! Joe Pera and his Pera’s tour will be taking the stage in the Pacific Northwest to provide laughs for all in attendance. He’s one of the most sought after comedians of his generation. That’s going to be made perfectly clear on that Sunday night in Seattle. The show isn’t until mid-summer, and there are not that many tickets left already!

Pera has made a name for himself in late night shows, comedy clubs and his own show on Adult Swim. That characteristic slow delivery which he’s a master of has fans hanging on his every word. This makes for some of the quietest comedy shows you’ll ever be a part of. That’s not a bad thing! If you’ve never seen Pera live you may be missing out on one of the most original acts in comedy today. Click the get tickets button! As mentioned, there’s not a lot of room left in the Moore Theater at this point.

Joe Pera is not someone who’s ever been interested in going for the easy laugh. In fact, he’s one of the few stand-up comedians that actually plays a character on stage. You could argue that when he’s putting on a show, you’re seeing something that’s closer to a monologue from a theater actor than your typical stand-up comedian. The slow delivery is without a doubt his trademark. He uses that to make fun of himself, even through things like his YouTube Series Drifting Off with Joe Pera. His delivery is not only slow, but his voice tone usually doesn’t hit a lot of the high registers that you get from other comedians. That goes back to prove the first point, he’s not interested in the quick and easy laugh.

The audiences that come to see his shows understand him and his style of comedy. This upcoming Seattle stop of the Pera’s Tour at the Moore Theater on July 21st is more of a couple’s night than a guys or gals night out. Unless you and your buddies are Pera fans. The last thing that you want though is to have someone sitting next to you killing the vibe trying to heckle Pera out there. Since his audience knows they won’t be getting those quick stings from his comedy, they hang every word he says. As mentioned, that actually makes for a much quieter theater.

Pera’s is an act that you’re going to enjoy a lot more over a glass of wine than a few beers. It’s like he says slow and steady. You have to keep paying attention to make sure that you don’t miss the key points in the monologue that are going to get people laughing.

The Moore theater is one of the best places to see comedy in general but Pera in specific. You don’t want to be standing around getting crazy for this show! Instead, this is better enjoyed sitting down paying attention and really being able to hang on every word. Another great thing about the Moore Theater is that it has great audio. Seeing Pera in a place with bad audio or acoustics can be torture because you can miss a lot of his great deliveries. Plenty of people already found tickets to this show. If you want to have a chance to be in the crowd at the Moore Theater Sunday, July 21st, make sure to click the get tickets button now!

Joe Pera at Moore Theatre - WA

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