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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Jessica Kirson

Jessica Kirson, known on TikTok for her hilariously dark comedy and crowd work, is coming to the Moore Theatre in Seattle Washington this fall. She’ll be performing on Sunday, September 15th 2024 as part of The Never Ending Tour, which has been ongoing and will probably continue to go on because, well, it’s never ending. Tickets are selling out fast, so if you want to be a part of her next TikTik-able crowd work session, grab 'em now. Like, you should probably hurry…. Yeah. tickets on sale now!

You may know her from her viral crowd work clips on TikTok, or from her podcast Disgusting Hawk. Now, Jessica is hitting the road on a series of almost never ending performances at venues all across North America. On top of the regular dates of her Never Ending Tour, Kirson is touring Canada as part of the Great Outdoors Festival, a traveling comedy festival featuring the likes of Bill Burr and Kevin Hart. She’s a hot ticket, so get your hands on some tickets for her Moore Theatre show before they’re gone. Don’t miss out!

While she has always been the classic clown, there was a time when Jessica Kirson had other plans for her future. In fact, she was going to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a therapist back in the day. She went to the University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor of Science in family studies and moved on to New York University to pursue a Masters of Social Work. Well, clearly that was a waste of money. Jessica is now in a whole lotta debt and, of course, doing comedy full-time. Crazy how things change, huh? Don’t be shy, help her pay off her student loans by showing up to her Seattle show this September! Think of it as an investment… Yeah. Sure. Whatever makes you feel better. Just buy a ticket.

Growing up, Kirson’s mother was a therapist who saw her clients in their family home. It might not come as a surprise to fans of her work that Jessica cites this childhood experience as key inspiration for her comedy. Her bits are occasionally morbid and often dark; her mental health is consistently used in her acts to shock the audience and most likely make people very uncomfortable. But that’s just her style - she’s a comedian, making people uncomfortable is basically in her job description. You won’t get it until you see it for yourself, so go get some tickets to see her do her thing at the Moore Theatre.

Once upon a time, Jessica Kirson was going to be a therapist. So she got two shiny new degrees and all of a sudden, they weren’t so shiny. She wanted to help people in a different way… or maybe she just wanted attention. Either way, support her tumultuous choices by heading over to the Moore Theatre. But don’t buy tickets to sit in the front unless you want to get heckled by a short Jewish comedian. I don’t know why they keep letting her in. Maybe because she’s the performing comedian? Anyways, buy tickets online right now!!

Jessica Kirson at Moore Theatre - WA

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