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Golden Girls

Find out what everyone’s favorite pensioners are up to this Saturday, December 9th, with Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue LIVE at the Moore Theatre! Before setting off on its 40-city 2024 tour across the US, the parody production leaves a pre-Christmas gift for you with eleven must-see shows this December. Join Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia in a new stage adaptation chock full of mischief and misadventures! Sophia’s currently on bail after the DEA busted her drug ring. Rose and Blanche are cornering the senior citizen sex market with their new app. And Dorothy’s busy with her lover, who could probably pass off as her son! Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue is written by Robert Leleux and directed by Eric Swanson. It also features an all-male cast in drag — Ryan Bernier, Adam Graber, Vince Kelley, and Christopher Kamm — uncannily resembling the original stars of NBC’s Emmy Award-winning sitcom. Get your tickets now and sink into the first-class seats at the Moore Theatre!

Your Christmas season just got a whole lot sassier because Miami’s most mischievous seniors are out on the prowl! Opening this December, the Seattle Theatre Group presents Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue LIVE at the Moore Theatre, with Saturday night and matinee shows on the 9th! These slots are part of the production’s final eleven exhibitions for the year before pressing on to its 40-city national tour for 2024. So come on and catch up with your favorite feisty girlfriends before they skedaddle off to God knows where!

“It’s a wonderful blend of nostalgia and witty dialogue mixed with the sex appeal of drag. Very funny. All the actors remain true to the characters while giving the storyline an edge.”

With all the time in the world and the pension money to enable them, our plucky old gals are dialing up the antics to eleven! Sophia’s under house arrest after her ill-fated stint as a drug ring leader. The DEA sucks bricks. Blanche and Rose have dived into thriving tech ventures with… A senior citizen hookup app named CreakN? And Dorothy, well, Dorothy’s just trying not to spontaneously implode from the chaos, with help from a new virile young lover.

Directed by Eric Swanson, this parodic love letter to the ‘80s Golden Girls was written by Robert Leleux and presents an uncannily look-alike-in-drag male cast: Ryan Bernier as the sarcastic Dorothy, Adam Graber as the charming Rose, Vince Kelley as the flirty Blanche, Christopher Kamm as the straight-talking Sophia, and a supporting role by Jason Bowen as Stanley & Burt.

The Golden Girls, created by Susan Harris, aired on the NBC network from 1985 to 1992, becoming a sitcom staple for American households through seven side-splitting seasons. It featured an ensemble cast of acting legends Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty and won dozens of major awards during its run. Among these were eleven Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and five Writers Guild of America Awards.

Don’t let your elders wait and get on the first train or bus or whatever transit service you kids use nowadays to the Moore Theatre on Saturday, December 9th! A live show landmark in downtown Seattle, this historical indoor venue offers a magnificent stage and ambiance for the production, with high-end seats, acoustics, and lighting to elevate the experience. Book your reservations now for Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue!

Golden Girls at Moore Theatre - WA

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