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Moore Theatre | Seattle, Washington

Girls Gotta Eat! Calling all SNACKHEADS! Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg are down to snack and talk about anything under the sun, from dating, sex, relationships, and what you had for dinner as they serve their acclaimed podcast, Girls Gotta Eat, on the Snack City Tour! Coming to you live at Moore Theatre on Saturday, 28th of October 2023, Girls Gotta Eat is set to bring a live taste of juicy sex tips, relationship advice, and f*ckboy detection live on tour. Entertaining and empowering audiences with juicy topics, Hesseltine and Greenberg are set to share snacks, laughs, and lessons here and there as their power of friendship shares "never settling for bad sex". It's definitely a wild show as the duo sets sh*t straight through hilarious and empowering conversations. Don't miss out on the tea with Girls Gotta Eat at the Snack City Tour by booking your tickets now!

Girls Gotta Eat at Moore Theatre

The comedy-gold podcast, Girls Gotta Eat, is coming to you live on stage as it sets extended dates for its Snack City Tour. Hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, Girls Gotta Eat is inviting all SNACKHEADS on an amazing girls' night out, stopping by Moore Theatre on October 28th.

"The show is a circus, really. We call it the ultimate girls night out," Hesseltine shared in an interview with Stamford Advocate. "It has a high energy girls night out vibe but is really this sort of spectacular variety show where we have audience participation and we share stories that we’ve never shared on the podcast."

Promising live audience interaction, new stories, and big surprises including dancers, jets, and giveaways, "It’s chaotic in a good way and you never know what’s going to happen in that room", Hesseltine added.

Known for discussing anything under the sun from sexual fetishes to financial tips, the iconic duo continues to spice things up through cracking jokes, comedy-gold tales, and empowering stories that amassed a loyal following since 2018. "We believe in SELF-CARE, THE POWER OF FEMALE FRIENDSHIP, AND NEVER SETTLING FOR BAD SEX. We love nothing more than bringing our wild show on the road and meeting our "SNACKHEADS" around the globe," the podcast's website shares.

As the acclaimed podcast hits the live stage, Girls Gotta Eat is snackin' to answer these steaming questions:

"Why do guys just want to f*ck you once, then watch your Instagram stories until the end of time? How do you get over a breakup when you feel like you're gonna die? When should you give it up? My boyfriend takes morning baths: IS THIS WEIRD?"

Wanna know the answer? Grab a snack and make sure to save your spots at the Snack City Tour!

Hesseltine and Greenberg's podcast has invited a roster of guests since its debut including therapists, authors, comedians, and many dating experts as they explore life's burning questions, empowering listeners to f*ck everything and be the best they can be. Together, they "feel very empowered to give advice to people".

With a mission of empowering female friendship, they want every story shared to make audiences feel that there's nothing wrong with who they are. "That really has always been the goal of the show, whether we are talking about careers, friendship or romantic relationships —it’s just so people can hear these stories and be like ‘me too!" Greenberg shared.

As the saying goes, "a girl's gotta eat", the duo definitely shares this mission that a girl deserves the happiness she desires, whether it's career, sex, money, love, or whatever, Girls definitely 'gotta eat!

Don't miss out on the Snack City Tour live at Moore Theatre on October 28th by booking your tickets now!

Girls Gotta Eat at Moore Theatre

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