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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Fortune Feimster

A beloved comedian, writer, and actress Fortune Feimster is hitting the stage! Following her recently released Netflix Special, Good Fortune, the iconic woman is taking her massive servings of laughter to a theatre near you. Her newest comedy tour "Live Laugh Love!" is set to hit major cities, including Seattle, with a special stop at Moore Theatre on Friday, April 12. The charismatic comic always beams with joy and positivity. Realizing whether she's becoming a mom as she finds herself owning infamous 'live, laugh love' signs at home, Feimster is taking her newest revelations to the stage. Well, who doesn't want to live, laugh, and love? What sets Feimster apart is how she built her career on being inclusive, respected, and true to herself. Every punchline takes audiences on a ride of positivity, cracking jokes that definitely hit hard. With her craft revolving around life's simple moments, audiences definitely relate to her quirky tales and antics that surely are comedy gold. Get ready to "Live, Laugh, Love" at her newest comedy tour by booking your tickets now!

She's a relatable voice in comedy. Building her career on positivity and life's simple moments, Fortune Feimster found success with her quirky antics and tales that warm everyone's hearts. "I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who met Fortune and didn’t just love her," Chelsea Handler shared, via Los Angeles Times. We definitely agree! Now, taking inspiration from motherly signage at households, Feimster finds herself wondering if she's turned into a mom - hanging up a sign that says "Live, Laugh, Love".

"I named the tour ‘Live Laugh Love!’ because of those infamous signs you see in a lot of mom’s homes…my mom being no exception. And when I got older, I realized I too had one of those signs and thought ‘uh oh, I’m becoming my mom," she shared in a statement.

Whether she's turning into her mom, she surely gives that kind of motherly energy in the world of comedy. "That’s what’s so great about her. She kind of breaks through any sort of right or left politics, or any sort of divisiveness, and she’s just a pure bundle of joy," Handler explains. She sure is an iconic comic oozing with pure joy!

"There is nothing better than performing live and with every tour the shows just get more and more fun. I can’t wait to get back on the road and share new stories about my life and family," Feimster shared.

Indeed. Building her inclusive and unique career for over two decades now, every performance shares her contagious energy of joy and positivity. Across radio, TV, and film, her craft has touched lives around the world. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. This time around, she's set to make everyone live, laugh, and love the simple moments of life. Over the last few years, we've seen her appear in various shows, including "Is It Cake?", "Kenan", "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars", and her newest action-packed extravaganza "FUBAR".

Last 2022, she also dropped her newest comedy special, "Good Fortune" on Netflix. Sharing tales about "getting engaged, getting iced, and getting a mind-blowing butt massage," it's one hilarious ride that got audiences laughing out loud. The acclaimed special comes two years after the release of "Sweet & Salty".

"I want you to feel positive; I want to show people that you can go through things, and what’s the twist on it? What’s the good that came out of that? Just telling the stories that they can see themselves in," she told Outfront Magazine in an interview about "Good Fortune".

It sure is the reason why everyone is so drawn to her performances. It's relatable and offers new perspectives amidst life's quirks. You aren't alone in this one heck of a life to live. We've got some 'good fortune' to look forward to. Get ready to "Live, Laugh, Love" with Fortune Feimster at the Moore Theatre by booking your tickets now!

Fortune Feimster at Moore Theatre - WA

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