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Eric Idle

In the midst of woke jokes, TikTok, and the cancel culture, you’ll be pleased to know that there still remain a few legends in comedy that just don’t give a heck! In this case, it’s the highly witty, Cambridge bred English comedian Eric Idle! The O.G. performers will kick it back old school, deliver raw comedy that has no fear of getting canceled! His much awaited world wide escapade, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Live! will be making 11 select stops in the U.S. and lucky for fans in Seattle, the brief outing will make its way into town on Tuesday 10th September 2024! See Eric Idle’s serve up some great laughs as he conquers the Moore Theatre with fresh material! These are never-heard-before skits, new songs, and “one fart joke.” The unprecedented comedian and songwriter, more popularly known as a member of the legendary Monty Python is sure to bring top-tier entertainment over to Seattle! So if you’re keen on catching Eric Idle turn up the stage, then secure your passes now!

This 2024, you betch you’ll be laughing your butt off with immensely hilarious act served by England’s most prolific comedian! Eric Idle from the legendary laugh troupe Monty Python has got a lot more to say and of course, whenever this comedic genius opens his mouth, people are bound to erupt in terrific laughter. Before you start thinking how old timers like this one can be relatable to his audiences, you better start hitting the internet and doing some research! He’s been incredibly funny since 1967 and he will continue making people for a long, long time!

This year, Eric Idle jumps on a remarkable worldwide trek, which happens to include 11 coveted dates in the U.S. This showdown is bound to bring out old school comedy and music loving fans and newfound chucklers. The man is a master in sketches and creating unbelievable scenarios that will have you laughing like a hyena. His surrealist style of comedy has endeared many viewers since the ‘70s and his experience in performing on stage, touring across the world, and dealing with different types of audiences has ensured his stark confidence and killer ability to command the crowd.

For starters Eric Idle’s group Monty Python served comedy to a greatly deprived audience – it was a time when people were going through great recessions and had families that went to war. But the legendary comedy troupe said f*ck it, we are going to make people laugh. Surely, Idle greatly knows a thing or two about tough crowds. So in terms of an experienced comedian, you will find no one more accomplished than this one. And lucky you, you get to witness one of the legends at work in 2024!

In addition humor, you'll be basking in his brilliant hits. Eric Idle has released numerous gems, including "One Foot in the Grave," "Galaxy DNA Song," "Really Nice Day," and his new song, "Always Looking at the Bright Side of Life."

Idle’s rip roaring comedy set at the Moore Theatre is sure to be an uplifting laugh riot and music showdown. The veteran comedian is known for his sharp wit but also chaotic humor. You’re guaranteed to be laughing like there’s no tomorrow during this bonanza! Luckily, a fuss free venue experience is in line with great entertainment when you visit the Moore Theatre. In addition to its great location, the venue is also equipped with state-of-the-art sound and light experience.

So don’t miss this incredible unique extravaganza featuring the legendary Eric Idle! It’s a night filled with fun humor, great music, and ridiculousness – British style! Hurry and secure passes now before they’re gone!

Eric Idle at Moore Theatre - WA

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