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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington


Ukrainian culture music will shine bright this Thursday, March 28, at the Moore Theatre as the eccentric yet captivating music of DakhaBrakha will envelop the walls of the famous Seattle venue. You will be transported to a whole new realm of music in a concert filled with astonishingly powerful vocals and jaw-dropping musicianship. If this is your first time attending a concert of a group with Ukrainian roots, you are in for a treat. Prepare to be immersed in a fascinating display of authentic Ukrainian music characterized by complicated and extraordinary harmonies from Marko Galanevych, Olena Tsybulska, Iryna Kovalenko, and Nina Garenetska. The unique instrumentation of the quartet, which includes a multitude of ethnic instruments such as the cello, accordion, and percussion, will captivate you as they take the stage and lead you on a journey into the depths of Ukrainian cultural diversity. Secure your tickets today by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

DakhaBrakha, the legendary quartet of ethno-chaos and mesmerizing melodies, is set to perform to the world! The authenticity of their passion for traditional Ukrainian music makes them a worldwide triumph. Reinventing and merging deep culturally-rooted music is the essence and vision that DhakhaBrakha gives to the rest of the world. Promoting positive and powerful messages and a peek at traditional Ukrainian music live, this band is running at the top of its game this year. They've played across hundreds of stages and performed at numerous concerts and festivals all over the world. In a passionate vigor towards promoting the rich culture and music of Ukraine, they're becoming one of the most sought-after performers this year.

DakhaBrakha always stood out as the country's most authentic and prominent representational music band. They spark vibrant soundscapes accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African, and Ukrainian traditional instrumentation. The group has released six studio albums and, in 2020, won the "Shevchenko National Prize," Ukraine's highest state award for achievements in culture and the arts. They are able to keep the roots and culture of Ukrainian folklore while able to keep up with modern diversity and contemporary art. Taking you in hypnotic and sophisticated earth-chanting folk music, according to Gigwise, they are able to create "a musical journey well worth taking."

They'll be out in 2024 for another series of shows, much to their fans' delight. Band member Marko Halanevich states, "I hope people accept real and true energy, people who will be first time in our concert... It's something unusual." With other exciting artists, they'll be joining the 2024 WOMAD NZ festival, gathering the years' musically diverse, multi-talented artists. They've yet to release more dates and artists in the colorful celebration, so keep an eye out for more exciting news from the quartet.

DakhaBrakha is out on a mission to transport you into the meaningful, beautiful culture of Ukraine. They'll be at the Moore Theatre on March 28, and you'll have the chance to listen to them live. With the current cause and the country's struggle, DakhaBrakha is connecting the world to Ukraine. Let your heart be closer to the country's rich culture and be completely mesmerized by the group's symphonies. Get your tickets now!

DakhaBrakha at Moore Theatre - WA

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