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Comedy Bang! Bang! Tickets

Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Comedy Bang! Bang!

If you’re a fan of weirdly funny comedy and awkward tv show hosts, may I introduce you to hit podcast-turned-live-performance Comedy Bang! Bang!? The live show, created by Scott Aukerman, is based on the podcast of the same name, and it’s coming to a theater near you. Get tickets online today to see a Comedy Bang! Bang! original performance live at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. Trust me, your funny bone will thank me later.

Comedy Bang! Bang! Originated as a podcast - it was the brainchild of Between Two Ferns director Scott Aukerman. Any given episode revolves around a hilariously unscripted and slightly awkward conversation between Aukerman and various celebrity guests. Through the years, the show’s brand changed, eventually involving a wide variety of entertainers getting up to all kinds of nonsense. Now, the best of Aukerman’s talented Bang Bang crew are going on tour across the US and Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna see them in action? Get tickets now!!

Scott Aukerman may be the brains behind Comedy Bang Bang, but the original talk show/podcast has continued evolving over the years, transforming into something else entirely. To be more specific, what was once a simple yet awkward interview series with famous celebrity guests is now a touring show with a whole cast of characters. On this tour, Aukerman is bringing all of his talented friends across the country to perform a series of hijinks so authentically hilarious you’ll be wondering what's scripted and what isn’t. Grab your tickets to see it all go down in Seattle. They’re on sale now, so act fast.

Not every talk show can say that they’re selling out a live version of their act in venues across the country, but Comedy Bang Bang sure can. Starting off with a sold out show in Los Angeles, the gang will be touring all over the country, and many dates are insanely close to selling out. Luckily, the Seattle show still has tickets available, and that’s where you come in. Tickets for the Seattle show are on sale now, but judging by the other dates, they’ll be gone soon. Get them while you can, buy them online right now!

Comedy Bang Bang wasn’t always the success story that it is now. In fact, Scott Aukerman had many failed attempts at comedy shows before the success of the podcast in question. After pitching countless shows to networks and getting rejected time and time again, Comedy Bang Bang was born. And the results were glorious; the show transformed endlessly thanks to the positive feedback from viewers and Aukerman’s relentless, genius mind. You can now catch the buzzworthy series on tour, and tickets are on sale right now.

With an award winning writer and director behind it, Comedy Bang Bang’s success as a podcast has blossomed into something more. In the beginning, it was a simple talk show in the form of a podcast. Now, it’s a tv series and a live performance coming to theaters across the US. To see the show and what it has become, grab your tickets online today!!

Comedy Bang! Bang! at Moore Theatre - WA

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