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With a new LP and single album up his sleeve, South Korean singer-songwriter COLDE is back in his A-game. This time, he's set to launch his highly anticipated BLUEPRINT NORTH AMERICAN TOUR for 2024. Releasing hard-hitting R&B bangers and collaborations with the likes of BTS' RM, EXO's Baekhyun, and AKMU's Lee Chanhyuk, he's a gem in the K-Wave you just can't miss out on. His newest hit singles "Don't Ever Say Love Me" (다시는 사랑한다 말하지 마) feat. RM, "I'm Still Here" (난 아직도), "I'm Okay" (아무렇지 않아), and "Heartbreak Club" (이별클럽) feat. Lee Chan-hyuk all kept waves rising high. Since 2018, after kicking off his solo project "Wave", he's been on a mission to create music that stands out, taking his creativity center stage. Part of the tour is a special stop at Moore Theatre on Friday, September 20. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Straight out of South Korea, COLDE is riding the waves with his new album and single album "Love Part 2" and "After Love". Known for his smooth runs, catchy hooks, and hard-hitting lyrics, the R&B shines in his own way. This time, he's taking his big hits, crowd favorites, and new anthems for a live spin across North America. He's finally taking the BLUEPRINT tour to this side of the world.

Colde first came into the scene way back 2016 as part of the Korean indie duo "offonoff". In 2018, he kicked off his solo project "Wave", and launched his own music label "Wavy" the year after. Driven a desire to take matters of his music to his own hands, he started his own label to inspire creative freedom, allowing artists and their music to express themselves genuinely. Believing that every artist has a unique story to tell, this definitely shines in his own work.

Intending to make ripples and generate new waves of music, he offers fresh and sick beats - and fans started riding with big waves. In a conversation with The Korea Herald, Colde shares how he simply belonged in a group who were happy simply sharing their passion for music. "But this happiness was crashed not by ourselves, but outside powers, a bigger system, like our labels, for example. This was when I developed the spirit of resistance against such systems," he said.

Stirring away from the overbearing powers that big labels tend to exhibit, Colde believes in staying unconventional. Creating music unique to who he is, all of us are able to connect with his authentic heart through song. He definitely has what it takes to take matters in his own hands.

On his "Love Part 2" album, Colde collaborates with BTS' RM on the song "Don’t Ever Say Love Me". Battling heartbreak and resentment, the two artists take turns in singing the hurt all out. In the first episode of "Colde's blue room", RM reveal that they've been friends since 2016, working on music together. The song has undergone different versions over the last two years, and now it perfectly encapsulates their vision for the track, co-writing their shared experiences with love turned hate.

On his single with Baekhyun, "When Dawn Comes Again", Colde laments on complex feelings that arise when dawn strikes. First written in 2019, his purpose for the song is to share relatable and nostalgic feelings with listeners when dawn comes. "Many find their minds become filled up with all kinds of thoughts at dawn, especially complex feelings of bygone relationships and faded emotions," he told The Korea Herald. "This song was made to resonate with those who become nostalgic at the midst of dawn."

As he continues to generate waves with his unique groove, COLDE is definitely an artist to watch out for. He sure is the next big thing, taking his creativity and music in his own hands. Don't miss out on the BLUEPRINT NORTH AMERICAN TOUR at Moore Theatre on September 20, 2024. Book your tickets now!

Colde at Moore Theatre - WA

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