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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington


Following the release of their upcoming new album, I’m Not Afraid Of Music Anymore, Coin is headed on a US and Canada tour starting this fall and going through the new year. Initially releasing music with little fanfare, Coin first gained recognition and worldwide success upon the release of the single Talk Too Much, which is now certified Gold. You can catch them on their I’m Not Afraid Of Tour Anymore tour when they stop by the Moore Theatre next year.

Since their hit single Talk Too Much momentarily took over the internet back in 2016, Coin has been up to quite a lot, actually, thank you for asking. After releasing How Will You Know If You Never Try, their pop rock jams were further perfected in the albums that followed. Making music consistently for over a decade, Coin shows no sign of stopping - not with a new album and a North American tour on the horizon, that’s for sure. To see it all unfold, you’re gonna need some tickets to their Seattle show, so get clicking and add to cart!

Coin have come a long way since their humble beginnings. They started the band out of a friendship prompted by the founding members sitting near each other in music theory class. They decided to invite a few friends to their jam sessions and soon enough, they were performing live at local venues and maintaining a steady, loyal fanbase. Once the band was formed and fans had accumulated, they knew they needed to record something, anything, to get their music out there. So, they did. And the EPs that came out of their recording sessions would eventually change their lives forever. Get tickets to see them as they are now live in Seattle at the Moore Theatre - 8pm, don’t be late.

While they may have started as a little passion project among a group of college students, Coin has really made a name for themselves these past few years. With the success of Talk Too Much, you would think riding that high would take out all their energy. But nope, months after the singles released, they came out with their second studio album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, which is by far their most successful record to date. Still, they kept on going, releasing albums and singles every few years consistently even after all this time. They’re back once again with the release of their new album, I’m Not Afraid Of Music Anymore, which will take them on the similarly labeled tour, I’m Not Afraid Of Tour Anymore. Grab tickets to see them live in Seattle before they sell out!!

Coin has been embodying the modern indie rock sound for years, and their new album, I’m Not Afraid Of Music Anymore is set to do the same. Releasing on September 13th 2024, the album will come out just in time for their US and Canada wide tour to begin. Wanna get in on the action? Grab some tickets to see Coin live in Seattle at Moore Theatre! It's going to be the indie music event of the year. Seriously, don’t miss out.

Coin at Moore Theatre - WA

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