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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Bob the Drag Queen

Iconic Drag Race superstar Bob the Drag Queen is headed your way later this year as part of her This Is Wild! World Tour. The comedian and drag star first gained notoriety for winning the eighth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and he’s continued to dominate the drag world ever since. Join her on her journey around the globe when she makes a pit stop in Seattle to perform at the Moore Theatre. Get your tickets online right now, and be ready to laugh.

Bob the Drag Queen is one of the lucky ones; not every queen who makes an appearance on the infamous RuPaul-hosted competition show sees success, not even if they win. After her season on Drag Race, Bob grabbed her potential by the balls. She wasn’t afraid to be loud and proud, and the results can be seen in her work following her Drag Race win. She’s toured the world, honed her comedic skills, and continued to build her body of work across multiple forms of media. Now, she’s ready to show you what she’s made of on her upcoming tour. Buy tickets to Bob’s This Is Wild! World Tour today.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a must-watch for many queer people, especially those interested in the art of drag. The show is a staple in queer culture, and has helped countless queens rise to fame over the years. For Bob the Drag Queen, it was her awakening. A younger Christopher Delmar Caldwell watched the first season of the show and fell completely in love with the art of drag, even going as far as to purchase makeup kits online to begin practicing immediately. She worked hard improving her makeup skills and perfecting her persona at local drag shows until she was ready to take the next step: trying out for Drag Race. Of course, you probably know what happens next, so I’ll spare you the details. Just know that he’s grown immeasurably since his early drag days, and proof of that is written all over his newest endeavor, This Is Wild! World Tour. Tickets are on sale now, so don't be shy! Grab some tickets and immserse yourself in her strange and mystical drag world. Maybe even stay a while, you might just enjoy yourself.

Bob the Drag Queen is more than just her vibrant drag persona. Like many other queens, her talents are diverse; she’s also a comedian, singer, and actor. For his live shows, Bob utilizes his triple threat talents, expressing his artistry through her iconic drag looks while making the audience laugh with his perfected dry humor. Underneath the bold brows and glittery makeup, Bob is still just as proud of her queer identities; identifying as nonbinary, polyamorous, and pansexual, she isn’t afraid to show her true colors regardless of what other people may think. Her latest comedy set, This Is Wild!, will be touring all over the world, bringing fierce drag looks and comedy that celebrates queerness. If you’re an admirer of drag or a fan of Bob the Drag Queen, you simply HAVE to see her when she comes to Seattle. It’s going to be the gayest show Moore Theatre has seen in decades - and that’s saying something. Get tickets now!

Bob the Drag Queen at Moore Theatre - WA

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