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Ana Barbara

One of the queens of Grupero music is making her way to Seattle in August! Ana Barbara will be at the Moore Theatre on Friday, August 9th, 2024. It could be one of those nights where you call up the boys and have a chance to relive the glory days. Ana Barbara was the crush of many teen boys in the mid-90s and early 2000s. Maybe at this point, you can take your lady friend as well. She’ll still wear the cowboy hat and the short shorts on that night, in Seattle. That’s going to bring back some memories of the time you saw her at some “palenque” in the homeland, but the feeling will probably be more nostalgic than erotic now.

If you want to live this concert to the fullest, you’ll want to have a chance to be close to the stage. Click the get tickets button because those seats are going to fill up fast.

Ana Barbara had a meteoric rise in the music world in the 90s. She’s worked with some of the legends in baladas and ranchera music. From the late Joan Sebastian, who has her father-in-law at one point, to El Buki, Marco Antonio Solis. It was really in the early to mid-2000s when she became a household name, performing at every important fair in Mexico. She’s had a ton of success in the American market as well. To this point, 40 of her songs have made a Billboard list! That’s impressive for anyone in such a niche genre. It also points to the fact that many people were listening to songs like “Loca” and “Bandido” and maybe won’t admit it.

This concert at the Moore Theater in Seattle on August 9th is the perfect opportunity for anyone who was a closet fan of Ana Barbara just to let their guard down and enjoy. The reality of the situation is that a lot of guys went to the concerts to see her. She was one of the biggest heartbreakers of the era, no doubt! You’re already there, so you’re going to get hooked on some of the catchy tunes as well. That’s exactly what’s happened with her. You’ll probably see a lot of couples at the show. There’s no shame in singing those hurt lady songs with all your heart on that night. Even those who try to hide it know the lyrics, and if you’re going to be in the crowd, you might as well enjoy it!

The Moore Theater is an elegant venue crafted to ensure that you can see the stage from any seat in the house. If there’s one thing, though, that you’ll want to keep in mind, it’s that from the top floors, you’re getting a bird’s eye view of the show in most cases. With Ana Barbara, that’s probably going to be the case; the stage usually isn’t as high up to avoid this. Knowing this, it’s fair to say that the best viewing experience will be on the first floor; the closer to the stage, the better. This is going to be a nostalgic sing-along all night long! Get your tickets and go see Ana Barbara live!

Ana Barbara at Moore Theatre - WA

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