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Moore Theatre - WA | Seattle, Washington

Ali Siddiq

Ali Siddiq is dangerously funny and he is ready to bring the house down for everyone in Seattle! Come see his performance for his "I Got A Story To Tell" Tour at the Moore Theater on October 11 this 2024!

When shit goes down, you can expect Ali to turn it into comedy gold. Considering his dangerous experiences from his traumatic adolescent period to serving his time in jail for 6 years, he definitely has a lot of stories to tell, and this one will be one of the best.

To complete the experience, Moore Theater offers state-of-the-art audio and great seats for a grand roll-on-the-floor laughing time. The venue will help you immerse in his stories and jaunty delivery.

This second leg of his tour might be the last time he will perform the material on stage. So don't forget to get your tickets and laugh with us for the best Friday night ever!

Have you ever heard of people laughing AND crying in a comedy show? Crazy, right? Well, it's not so crazy with Ali Siddiq's "I Got A Story To Tell" Tour! He is performing his material of devastation and pure comedy on Seattle at the Moore Theater on October 11th for the second leg of his tour!

Ali Siddiq, a stand-up comedian and public speaker from Houston has a lot of stories, including the traumatic stories of his adolescence when he became a drug dealer and lost his girlfriend and sister until his years in prison where he served for 6 years. And yes! He has a very serious and traumatic backstory, which makes his talent of turning his stories into comedy gold is incredibly rare that you will get to witness live on stage.

In an interview, Ali Siddiq shares how he comes up with the material, "I know the stories; I don’t have to write them. The way that I tell the story is bred upon how my family has always told stories. They pull you in with some off-the-wall topic, then they go from there and you’re like, “What happened?”"

People got their first taste of Ali Siddiq from his appearance on HBO's Def Comedy Jam and Live from Gotham to which got him named Comedy Central's #1 Comic to Watch. He has continued to gather millions of views as he captivates audience with his "Mexican Got on Boots" tale, his stories about the prison riot he experienced, his dangerous adolescence years and more. His descriptive storytelling makes him stand out, and you won't regret being part of his new show.

And now it's your turn to experience the Ali Siddiq experience live! Get duck taped with him, hold the gun with him, be in all sorts of dangerous situations with him and the audience, and explode with laughter all throughout!

Moore Theater offers an intimate setting with more than 2400 seats and innovative features. The venue has incredible seats and audio equipment to make sure you don't miss one detail of the comedian's stories.

Don't miss his show because it's definitely going to be a riot. Immerse yourself in his stories and laugh with everyone in the venue. Get your tickets now while it's still available! Bring everyone you know!

Ali Siddiq at Moore Theatre - WA

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